It’s about time, a multi brand watch store where you will find the widest collection in every brand that we carry; with a legacy of over two decades in the watch industry we are able to guide our customers to make the right decision for their timepiece which suits their personality.We are passionate about watches and we continue to strive for better services every day. We see each transaction not as another sale; rather we see it as a new relationship or in many cases strengthening of an existing relationship.You can be rest assured knowing that you will experience the same passion for all our brands and unmatched dedication to customers who share our appreciation for a high-quality, well-designed timepiece.We curate thewatch world by creating amazing stories about brands, platforms, trends and watch culture.

Our designer watches for men and women include offerings from fashion brands such as GUESS, GC, VERSACE, SWAROVSKI, GUCCI, SLAZENZER, CASIO and many more.